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Our Services
  • Personalized wax with trim and tweeze to achieve your best brows.
    25 US dollars
  • Tinting defines and shapes your natural brow by using our semi-permane...
    30 US dollars
  • Wax between brows, trim, and tweeze any strays.
    15 US dollars
  • Knockout your best brows and a perfect pout with an all in one session
    30 US dollars
  • All hair removed from upper lip (lower lip available upon request).
    15 US dollars
  • Includes forehead, cheeks, sideburns, lip, and chin.
    40 US dollars
  • Includes under the jawbone and/or the hairline.
    15 US dollars
  • Removes hair starting from the base of the nose to inside of the rim.
    10 US dollars
  • Hair is removed from sideburns and behind the jawline.
    15 US dollars
  • Lower lip to just under the jawbone.
    15 US dollars


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